55 Great Sites For Woodworkers

Feb 4th, 2010

Do you have a love for woodworking? Having a husband that loves working in the garage and two sons in woodshop at school, I decided to put this list of sites together to help them as well as help others. From the novice to the advanced, if you are looking for some tips and tricks, design ideas, or just want to see what others are doing, this list has what you are looking for. These sites are not listed in any order other than by general topic.

General Woodworkingwood1

    1.  Acorn House Workshop – Having started by building some bookshelves and dining table for the new house, this woodworking hobbyist has since turned out some very fine pieces of work. From the Dining table to guitars, this music professor has many great ideas to look at.

    2.  Creating Sawdust – Having co-authored “Building Furniture for Country Living” and “I Can Do That! Woodworking Projects”, Dave is an avid woodworker who is now working on his own book. This site is where he shares his knowledge, tips and tricks as he goes through his journey in writing that book.

    3.   Dan’s Shop – With a love for hand tools and woodworking, Dan uses this site to share his journey in woodworking. With his kids involved as well, Dan has a wealth of information and ideas that you don’t want to miss.

    4.  First Light Woodworking – With over 20 years of working with wood, Rick has built some beautiful pieces. He uses this site to hare his knowledge and his works of art in hopes to inspire others.

    5.   The Folding Rule – This is a cool site as it has both photo and video’s of this woodworkers journey and experiences. Using the approach of using power tools to do the rough stuff and hand tools to do the final fit, this woodworker has created some great products in his garage based shop.

    6.  Sawdust Shavings – This is a very nice site by a group “The Helena Woodworkers Guild”, where the members meet at one of the members shop taking turns to share and learn from the skills and expertise of each other.

    7.  Matt’s Basement Workshop Podcast – Matt Vanderlist uses his basement workshop to share his knowledge and experience though podcast. This is a great way to learn, whether you are a novice or advanced woodworker you will find some great information in this site.

    8.  Modern Woodshop – Here is another basement woodshop that uses podcast to share the journey of working with wood. Dave Noftz is an amateur woodworker, but don’t let that fool you, through this site you will find that he has created some beautiful works of art.

    9.  Mod Mom Furniture – It’s great to see more women getting into woodworking. This young lady is a mother, designer and woodworker, using her talents to build furniture. In this site she shares her journey through process in hopes to inspire others.

    10.  Peter Follansbee – With over 30 years of experience in woodworking, Peter uses this site to share his love for working with wood, how he makes everything from boxes, chairs, to cabinets.

    11.  The Renaissance Woodworker – Although Shannon says he is a intermediate woodworker with over 9 years of experience in the field, this site has a wealth of information, tips and tricks that you don’t want to miss.

    12.  Splintered Board Podcast – After serving in the Army, getting married, and repairing the house, Rick who is now a software quality assurance engineer, found that he had a love for woodworking. He uses this site to share through podcast his journey into the world of woodworking.

    13.  Stu’s Shed – Understanding the frustration of having to learn from his own mistakes, Stu decided to put this site together to share his knowledge with others. It has since grown to have reviews, how-to articles and in depth articles about the technology behind the tools.

    14.  The Taylor Garage – Steve uses this site to share his journey into the woodworking world hoping to someday produce journeyman work.

    15.  The Inquisitive Woodworker – With a professional life in IT, this amateur woodworked has found he has a growing interest in hand tools and believes that working with wood helps bring out his creative side.

    16.  The Part Time Woodworker – This site has a ton of information from ideas to tips and tricks. This is a great site you don’t want to miss.

    17.  Tony’s Woodshop – Tony is a professional computer programmer that has a love for working with wood. He hopes to someday be able to produce quality furniture that he can be proud of, and uses this site to share that journey.

    18.  The Village Carpenter – Kari is a graphics designer and business owners that has a love for working with wood and uses this site to share her knowledge and work.

    19.  Wisdom of The Hands – Doug Stowe uses this site to share the concept that “our hands are essential to learning”. This site is full of information for the novice to the advance woodworker.

    20.  The Woodshop Bug – This is a great site that follows the journey of a woodworker through making everything from small boxes to Christmas gifts.

    21.  WookTreks – “Woodtreks” are video journeys for woodworkers, wood artists, and collectors of fine wood crafts, art, and furniture. Be inspired, learn how-to, and discover master artisans & their work.

    22.  http://woodworking.about.com/b/ – Chris Baylor is the woodworking guide for About.com. Having a long career in and a love for woodworking, Chris uses his experiences and this site to bring you some great information.

    23.  Parings – A Woodworker’s Journal – As one of the founding partners and lead instructors of a woodworking school, Charles Bender (Chuck), uses this site to share tips and tricks for woodworkers at all levels.

    24.  Chair Notes – Peter not only has this site as a resource for Windsor Chair Makers and woodworkers, but he also has classes at his New York workshop. This site has a wealth of information, but if you want that next step, feel free to contact him about taking a class.

    25.  Daedworks Blog – With topics from mitering to covering tools and other general life subjects, this site by Raney is a great site to read through.

    26.  Ron’s Evolving Workshop – In this site Ron brings you many different projects that can be created in a small workshop, from building work benches to small toys.

    27.  Galoototron – Brian started this site to chronicle the stuff he was building as a reference for himself, but it has grown to have a wealth of information for both novice and advanced woodworkers.

    28.  The Novice Garage Woodworker – With over 6 years of experience, Erik still considers himself a novice woodworker. This site is an online how-to source for novice woodworkers by novice woodworkers. Full of information, tips and tricks, links and a store, this site is not one you want to miss.

    29.  A Learning Adventure in the Workshop – Matt is a Technologist, Geologist, and a woodworker. He uses this site to share what he has learned through his journey in the woodshop.

    30.  Norse Woodsmith – Leif uses this site to share his knowledge and love for woodworking. With how-to’s, tips and tricks, along with reviews this site has a wealth of information for the woodworker.

    31.  Proven Woodworking – Through his love and interest in woodworking, Jim McCleary uses this site to share his knowledge and expertise. With areas for novice beginners to the advanced woodworker, Jigs to plans, this site is one you want to not only read, but you want to keep up with as Jim continues his journey working with wood.

    32.  Heartwood – With over 25 years of experience, Rob Porcaro loves to share his knowledge of woodworking, inviting you into his shop to watch him work. He believes that all woodworkers can learn from each other, even if it’s just through sites like these.

    33.  Sawdust on The Floor – This Jersey Woodworker has over 30 years of experience. He uses this site to share that experience in hopes to inspire others to pick up a piece of wood and start working with it.

    34.  Cheifwoodworker’s Blog – Having retired from the hi-tech world, Joe Zeh has moved on to cabinet making. Working in a small shop, he turns out some beautiful work. This site has a ton of information from how-to’s to reviews.

    35.  UnpluggedShop.com – Luke Townsley has built this site about working with hand tools as a hobby for those that work in the professional world, but need to get out and relax. This site has everything from classes, clubs, museums, to suppliers.

    36.  Wood’n Bits Workshop – Brought to you by Larry Marshall, this site has information covering everything from books, tools, to Techniques. If you are looking for something, I bet this site has the answer.

    37.  Woodworker’s Guide – Offers a woodworking blog, woodworking resources, information, events, how-to articles and more!

Scroll Saw and Lathewood2

    38.  Scroll Saw Bowls – Carole uses this site to share her knowledge and expertise on making bowls, with post, pictures and videos, this is a great site to go through.

    39.  Scrollsaw Workshop – In this site by Steve, you will find free scroll saw patterns, videos and demonstrations, links and reviews. This is a great site for both novice and advanced scroll saw enthusiast.

    40.  Syzygy – As a skydiving photographer for several years, Keith Larrett decided he needed a change in profession. He started working in the construction field and found that he has a love for wood. Through this site he shares his interest in turning wood on a lathe and turning that wood into beautiful pieces of work.

    41.  The Craftsman’s Path – Mark Mazzo uses this site to share in interest and love for woodworking. With his current pursuits in furniture design, woodturning and some woodcarving, this site has a wealth of information.


    42.  Beginners Carving Corner and Beyond – If you are a carver or would like to learn, this site has tutorials for the beginner to the advanced. With tips, tricks, and everything between, this site has a wealth of information.

    43.  Flying Chips – Robert uses this site to share his journey through the world of woodcarving, in hopes to inspire others and allow them to learn through his experiences.

Plans and Designwood4

    44.  Design Matters – George Walker has over 25 years of woodworking experience, and writes a monthly column for Popular Woodworking Magazine. In this site he focuses on design and how much planning plays a part in how well a piece turns out.

    45.  Aschi’s Workshop – Peter has used his knowledge and experience to produce plans for toys and other projects. As he says, “Plans for average people with average woodworking skills like myself, but who want better than average results.”

    46.  Marcus Sly – Furniture Making and Design – Having a background in boatbuilding, this woodworker has moved to producing furniture that is beautiful. He uses this site to share some of these beautiful pieces along with some knowledge on how to make them.

    47.  Kellogg Furniture Design – Clark started woodworking in high school and found a love for it. He has studied at several different schools and has a BA in Studio Arts. He uses this site to showcase some of his work, to share some of his knowledge, and to inspire others.

Commercial Sites

    48.  Custom Made Blog – This site is the blog of CustomMade.com and is loaded with all sorts of information relating to building, selling and buying custom made wood works.

    49.  Woodworking Magazine – The Woodworking Magazine Weblog is a great resource for anyone at any stage in their woodworking journey. With information from chisels to workbenches, this site has a ton of information that you need to be sure to read.

    50.  Logan Cabinet Shoppe – Having built custom furniture for over 18 years, Bob is not only self taught but only uses hand tools. This site has a wealth of information and some great works of art by Bob Rozaieski.

    51.  Maple Grove Woodworks – Dennis Caskey has over 12 years in the woodworking world. He has moved his journey from hobbyist to a more professional level by building projects and offering his design service.

    52.  The Wood Whisper – Marc J. Spagnuolo is a professional woodworker, podcaster, video producer, and contributing editor for FineWoodworking.com and Popular Woodworking Magazine. Producing the Wood Whisperer is a great way for him to combine three of his passions: woodworking, technology, and education.

    53.  David Charlesworth – David uses this site to share his knowledge on tool tuning and fine furniture making. As well he has several books, DVD’s, and even courses you can take to expand you talents in the woodworking field.

    54.  Evenfall Woodworks – Evenfall Woodworks is a website dedicated to the exchange of woodworking knowledge, ideas, and helping woodworkers with their skills development. The articles are authored in the spirit of inspiring woodworkers to take action, make something, developing their skills, paying knowledge forward, and the comment sections are open so as to foster positive topical discussions.

    55.  Measure Cut Cut Studio – Peter Cales owns and operates the Measure Cut Cut Studio where he designs and creates one of a kind studio furniture that blurs the lines between furniture and art.

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