20 Buildings that are Architectural Masterpieces

Feb 25th, 2010

Here’s 20 weird and wild buildings that will make you wonder, how did they build that and why. I can’t imagine the architecture that went into these, or the contractors that said you want to do what…

All images are real to our knowledge, none have been “photoshopped”.


The word Architecture may reference a process, a profession or documentation. For a process, architecture would be the activity of designing and constructing structures by a person or even a computer, largely to provide shelter. As a profession, architecture is the role of people or machines offering architectural services. As documentation, generally based on drawings, architecture defines the structure and/or behavior of the building or any kind of system that will be or has already been constructed.

In the late 20th century countless new concepts were included in the compass of both structure and purpose. Today, prior to performing any actions we look ahead and keep the future in mind. The same is applicable in Architecture as well.

For some to restrict the meaning of (architectural) formalism to art for art’s sake isn’t just reactionary; this may also be described as a purposeless pursuit of perfection or creativity which in turn degrades form into a mere instrumentality.

Some of the philosophies which have influenced modern day architects and their approach to building design tend to be rationalism, empiricism, structuralism, poststructuralism, and phenomenology.

On the difference between the ideals of “architecture” and simple “construction”, the famous 20th C. architect Le Corbusier wrote: “You employ stone, wood, and concrete, and with these materials you build houses and palaces: that is construction. Ingenuity is at work. But suddenly you touch my heart, you do me good. I am happy and I say: This is beautiful. That is Architecture”.

The buildings above were designed by architects with many years of experience, some at the request of a client, others just to see if they could. Most of the time architecture designing is at the desire of the client and very restrictive, however there are times where you get a client that lets you be free and then the world of ideas come flooding into your brain, out through your hands and into your design.

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