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50 Sites To Help You Remodel Your Home

Jan 7th, 2010

If you are thinking of, in the middle of, or have finished remodeling your home, here are 50 sites that will help you or allow you to use your knowledge to help others. Through these sites you will find everything from architects and designers to real people going through the same process. If you have a question or in need of ideas, this list will help you get there.

Architectureblueprint1 is the process of planning and designing space to the desire, functionality and considerations of the customer. Architecture also includes project planning, estimating the cost of construction and often working with construction managers to ensure the project goes smoothly.

    1.  Good Home Construction Blog – This is a design-build general construction company that specializes in the renovating, restoring, and the remodeling of Southern California’s custom homes. This site and company can not only answer your questions but help you get the job done as well. Filled with a ton of information, this site has what you are looking for.

    2.  A Daily Dose of Architecture – This site covers every aspect and angle of architecture, bringing you architectural musings and images from New York City almost daily.

Interior Design is the art of working with architects to make sure that the space is used well, that it will be functional, as well as help with Interior Decoration for furniture and fixtures. These people work with the customer to help make their ideas come to life.

    3.  CaRoLiNa EcLeCtIc – As a design company that specializes in residential design with a modern eclectic slant, this site and company has a ton of great ideas, suggestions, answers and help.

    4.  The Style Files – Brought to you by Danielle de Lange, this site is dedicated to finding inspirational observations and ideas related to interior design, art, and life. This is a great place to find new ideas, new products, and new designs to help you get inspired.

    5.  On Interior Designs – As a Boston based interior designer, Abbey Koplovits shares current projects, tips, and advice on all subjects in and around interior design. With categories from Accessorize, Fabrics, Kitchens, to Tiling, this site has a wealth of information for you.

    6.  Gold Notes – As an independent, NKBA-certified, kitchen and bath designer Jamie Goldberg uses her talents to bring you a great site full of information. Being an independent, Jamie says this allows her to find the best products for her clients rather than being locked down to one showroom. With post covering every aspect of residential design, this site has you covered.

    7.  A Life’s Design – Schooled in design, Megan uses her knowledge as well as her interest as an antique hunter and vintage lover to bring you a site full of everything you would want or need in a home. With the information and beautiful pictures on this site, I’m sure you will find something that you like.

    8.  Kitchen and Residential Design – Paul Anater uses this site to bring you knowledge from eyes of a professional kitchen designer. With topics from tile to art, this site has a ton of information that you need.

    9.  The Kitchen Designer – As a kitchen designer, Susan has designed more kitchens that we can dream of. She has seen, come up with, and offered many ideas covering every aspect of the kitchen. She likes to explore new ideas and new ways of thinking about the kitchen, and then share those ideas with you. I highly recommend you read through this site, before doing or deciding what you want to do in your kitchen.

home-decoratingInterior Decorating involves decorating a room to be attractive not only to the customer but to others as well. It also involved making sure the room will function well with the current architecture. The goal is to get that “feel” for a room, then decorate it by hanging wallpaper, painting, adding furniture, lights, and then providing or suggesting items such as paintings to hang on the walls.

    10.  Surroundings – As the official bog of “New England Home Magazine” this site has more information that one could hope to read, however I highly recommend that you try. With such a great wealth of great information, this site has the answers to any questions you have about interior decorating.

    11.  Dear Daisy Cottage – Kim, a freelance writer, wife and mother, brings you this site about a 1922 cottage. Kim loves to decorate and share her stories about what she’s doing and the ideas she has. This site is about their home, the changes they are making and ideas they have for it in the future.

    12.  decor8 – As a trusted and established design site with over 25000 visitors per day, this site by Holly Becker is one of the best sites with the most information available to you. A writer, designer, and wife, Holly works hard to bring you the up to date trends, information and ideas. This is a site you don’t want to skip.

    13.  All Things That’s Fresh + New – After deciding to decorate their own house, this couple found that they were spending way too much money and time, plus not getting the quality they were looking for. They decided to slow down and do some research to find better prices, quality, and people. After doing so, they decided to share not only what they found at the time, but the knowledge from the task and work to keep the site up to date with what’s hot and current.

    14.  Kari & Kijsa – Brought to you by sisters, Kari & Kijsa, this site is full of information and ideas from decorating to home improvement. With ides for both inside and outside of the house, this site has some great information.

    15.  Southern Hospitality – As a wife and mother, this southern girl brings a touch of southern class to your home. Having worked in the corporate world most of her life, she now stays at home and runs her design business. Using her blog, she loves to share her ideas, hear other people’s ideas, and just discuss everything there is about design.

    16.  Design Sponge – Declared a “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials”, this site by Grace Bonney, has a ton of store and product reviews, as well as covering student design and design shows. To bring in more readers than most can imagine, this site has to keep up with what’s current, what’s hot, and what’s not. If you have a question about decorating or interior design, this is the site for you.

    17.  Desire to Inspire – Two women who have never meet, live half way around the world from each other; Kim & Jo are design junkies. They meet online, shared ideas and decided to put their heads together build a site and share their knowledge. Like their title says, their desire is to inspire you to look into yourself and make your home a home you are comfortable in and proud of.

The Kitchenkitchen_01_02-2 has been said to be the heart of a home. This is where not only food is cooked, but the family usually congregates, talks and finds out what has happened in each other’s lives that day. The kitchen is where you find the smells of food that take you back in your memories to your favorite times.

    18.  Kim’s Kitchen Remodel – As part of Desire to Inspire, Kim has built this site to focus on her kitchen remodel. As her first attempt at a kitchen remodel, she felt the need to share her story about what’s involved. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, then you need to read this first.

    19.  Kitchen Sync – A second generation Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer, Kelly Morisseau uses this site to share her knowledge, ideas and hopefully help others. With categories from appliances, green design, to kitchen design, this site has a wealth of information, which you need to read.

Everything Inside your home has to come together and feel comfortable; when it does then you get that feeling “We are home”.

    20.  DIY Diva – Growing up this girl loved two things, making things and making a mess. She has now grown up, spent several years getting her hands dirty doing everything from drywall to plumbing, and has bought more tools that most men own. Her love of tools and blogging, allows her to use this site to bring you a wealth of information about everything you need to know on home remodeling.

    21.  Gear Acres – This site by Jan, a remodeler and perpetual student, is a journeyman mechanic/engineering technician, she’s also a gear head, frustrated carpenter, and a wife. She’s building her dream house and her husband’s nightmare, along the way; she has decided to share her story.

    22.  The Horizon Comfort Zone – If you are doing any plumbing, heating, or AC, this site is where you need to look for ideas or answers to questions you may have. From normal work to energy efficient ideas, this site has a wealth of information.

    23.  From the Floors Up – This site was created for those who need ideas or have questions about flooring, as well as those interested in flooring or design through the whole house. Specializing in flooring for the kitchen and bath this site has your answers for any flooring questions you may have.

    24.  Faux-it Yourself – As a professional artist for over 25 years, Sandra Silva uses this site to share her ideas and advice as a faux painter. Having done some faux painting myself, I can tell you, you need to ask a professional first to know how to get the best results.

    25.  Door Sixteen – This site is about an 1885 Victorian row house in New York. Brought to you by Anna, her and her husband bought this house in 2006 and has been working hard to renovate it. Anna decided to put this site together to be able to share her success and her pain through this process.

    26.  Garden Rooms – Have you ever wanted to have more green, more natural life in your house or room? If so then this site is for you, with everything you ever wanted to know about what plants to use, how to arrange them, and how to take care of them, this site has the answer.

    27.  House In Progress – This couple decided to setup this site to keep friends and family updated on their progress of restoring their house. However the site grew and now has a wealth of information, from ideas, things they have gone through, to product reviews.

    28.  McKay Flooring Blog – This is the blog for the McKay family flooring business. With over 37 years in business, this company knows everything there is to know about floors. If you are looking at, doing or planning on doing some flooring, this site is a great place to start.

People and Their Stories is the best way to get ideas and to know you are not the only one that is frustrated. These people have decided to share their stories both because of love of what they do and have done, as well as the appreciation they have for ideas and help they have received from others. They hope that by reading their stories, you too will find that idea that you are looking for, to do something that gives you that feeling of accomplishment.


    29.  NJ Roofing Blog – NJ Roofing is a family owned roofing business in New Jersey. With over 20 years of experience, they use this site to share their knowledge and experience in hopes that it will help you make better decisions when it comes to your roof. It’s very easy to spend way too much for very little quality on a roof, to prevent that start here first.

    30.  Handyguys Podcast – Brought to you by Paul and Brian, this is a great site. Not only is it filled with a wealth of information, this site also has the ability for you to talk directly to these guys and get direct advice. As well they have a great store on the site, where they sell products that they have tested and are willing to put their names on.

    31.  Home Improvement Center – This site is simple, not a lot of flash, but a ton of information covering everything you need or what to know about home improvement. With the amount of information and the topics they cover, I can tell you that you will find something useful in here.

    32.  BuildDirect Building Materials Blog – This site is all about ideas, advice and discussion covering all aspects of flooring and decking. With a ton of information and a wealth of knowledge, this site has the answers to any question you have about flooring or decking.

    33.  Home Savvi – This site is setup to provide home remodeling inspiration, with remodel ideas, photos, advice and times, for the whole house including the kitchen sink.

    34.  Hooked on Houses – After years of writing, Julia decided to write about her passion, houses. As a wife and mother of two, this writer uses this site to share her love of houses and share ideas. She spends her time; going through everything she can find to add to her site, to share with her readers, to help people get ideas to fulfill their goals and dreams for their own home.

    35.  The House That A-M Built – This site covers the removal of an original house and building a new one. From the foundation to the interior design, this site has it all. With a ton of great information and beautiful pictures, this site is well worth the reading.

    36.  This D*mn House – This is a great non-professional blog dedicated to the DIY person. Full of information, this is a great site for people who what to know that others are going through the same frustrations they are.

    37.  3 Acres & 3 Thousand Sq Ft. – Robin and “Flannel Man”, an HVAC Engineer and a Machinist, have put this site together out of their love to build things. Both come from carpenters as parents, these two have a wealth of information to share and hope to continue to share that information as they build their home.

    38.  A Beach Cottage – After buying a doer-upper cottage, this person found that they got burned out with the amount of work that the cottage needed, but once the real work was done, the love came back. This site was started to share the journey of fixing this cottage up, to share the ideas and advice that was found along the way.

    39.  The Bungalow Chronicles – This is a site that journals the ideas of restoring, renovating, reducing, reusing, recycling and finally living in a classic Chicago style bungalow.

    40.  Humphrey House – Covering the transformation of an art and craft house into a green home, this site is full of ideas and advice for those who want to be energy efficient. Everyone wants to save; this is the site that can show you how.

    41.  Renovate Australia – As the main blogger on Renovate Australia, Bill Hutchison uses his experience of renovating not only his first home, but now on to his second. This site covers every step that a renovation takes from start to finish. If you are starting this process, you need to start here.

    42.  Young House Love – This young couple, John and Sherry Petersik like many bought their first home. The home needed work so they went to work on it. After working on the house for several years, they started helping others transform their homes. Then they used their knowledge to start an online business selling art prints. Using this blog to share their journey, John and Sherry hope that it will help inspire others to not be scared, and turn their fixer-upper into a home.

Professionals Who Can Help are quite often needed and no we are not talking about psychiatrists, although at times we have all felt we needed one. Here we are talking about professionals from contractors to companies that can help you by answering questions to providing turn-key work for you. If you find yourself stuck, not sure what or how to do something, these are the people to call.

    43.  CalFinder – Founded by Jason Polka, CalFinder is designed to help people find good quality contractors. If you have a job and need a contractor, this is the place to find one.

    44.  Charles & Hudson – Established by Timothy Dahl, this site is a great resource for the DIY person that’s looking for the latest and greatest information, ideas and advice in home improvement. With categories that cover all aspects of your home, inside and out, this site can answer any question you may have.

    45. – This is a great site covering and selling water fountains. If you are looking for a fountain, either indoor or outdoor, this site has one for you.

    46.  Home Tips – Having written over 30 DIY books, Don Vandervort uses his knowledge and experience to bring you this site covering all aspects and all areas of home improvement as well as DIY repair.

    47. – Listed as “One of the sixteen best real estate websites” by Money Magazine, this site is community powered, with everything being contributed by real people that have a passion for building, homes, and home improvement.

    48.  KC – Specializing in general contracting and property maintenance, Klondike Contracting, uses this site to not only offer their services, but to share their knowledge and advice. This is a great site with a ton of information and well worth the reading.

    49.  Luxury Housing Trends – This site is setup to cover home improvement ideas based on home and garden products. Full of fun and practical information, this site has the information on the latest products that you are looking for.

    50.  Paramount Granite Blog – Specializing in the fabrication as well as the installation of natural stone counter tops, center islands, vanities, fireplaces, furniture and more, this company uses their blog to share their knowledge and advice for finding the right stone for your project.

Top 20 Sites About Construction Managers

Jan 7th, 2010

It doesn’t matter if you are a large construction business or just do some on the side, with the wealth of information the internet has, it can be a great help to any size project. Here are 20 sites that are designed to bring this help to you, from giving advice to answering questions, you can find it here.

Residential Construction

    Home Construction & Improvement – As an engineer for a large construction firm, Todd Fratzel spends some of his time to blog about improvements on your home to general construction. Although Todd works full time, he likes to let everyone know they can feel free to write him about Home Construction & Improvement and Today’s Green Construction. – was listed as one of the top real estate websites by “Money” magazine. This site, whose title is “Home Improvement stories for the dwelling obsessed”, covers almost every topic on residential construction that you can imagine. You can even get help by asking questions through the site. If you have a question, this is the blog for you.

    Meadowview Construction – As the founder of Meadowview Construction, David West uses his blog to share his stories about his experiences as a general contractor. David covers such topics as “Why would anyone pay those crazy contractor prices” to “Own up to your own vanity”. These are some great fun filled posts that are well worth the reading.

    Handyman and Home Repair Professionals – As a professional in the construction fields for over 36 years, this author not only spends time training the professional handyman, but spends some of his time as well to bring you many of these stories through this blog.

    The Contractor Coaching Partnership – Although many contractors are very good at what they do, many of them don’t have the time to spend on developing their company. The Contractor Coaching Partnership is here to help through coaching services, training, help with implementing systems to train themselves and their employees.

constructionCommercial Construction Blogs

    New Construction Advice – The Kelly’s have run the family custom-built business for almost 40 years. In this blog, bill works to answer builder questions as well as deliver great information on new construction advice. While Bill is doing that, Val is working hard to bring you information on what goes on behind closed doors, how to do the paperwork, billing, etc. If you have a question, from the construction side to the office side, Bill and Val can help you get the answer.

    Procore – If you are in the residential or commercial building fields, then this company has some software that you have to look at. This software is designed to manage large construction projects and gives the user a great dashboard view of what is going on in the project. This blog covers topics about construction and how this software fits in it, as well as how to best use the software to get the maximum benefit out of it.

    Changing Construction – As part of a new business in Seattle, Rob uses his blog to bring to you information about the construction industry and what he foresees as the future.

    Let’s Blog Construction – Here is a blog designed to help you answer questions from the best tools to use to what to buy when doing your project. The topics here cover areas such as buying guides, tile equipment, landscaping, concrete equipment, to construction complete.

    S.R. Clarke, Inc. – This site tracks residential construction, major commercial construction, architecture, and engineering to bring you regular updates on construction projects in their area. You can also find on this site, a long list of Job Openings within the company.

Architecture Blogs

    A456 – Brought to you by Enrique Ramirez, an architecture historian this site was originally considered as a site to post opinions around architecture, but today accepts posts on a great assortment of design and built environment-related thoughts.

    anArchitecture – Christoph Wassmann brings you this blog about Austria Architecture. It is an internationally adjusted blog associated to architecture and architectural thinking.

    inhabitat – Started by Jill Fehrebacher, this blog intended as a forum in which to investigate emerging trends in product, interior and architectural design is now committed to the potential of design, tracking inventions in engineering, and practices that promote architecture design towards a bigger and more sustainable future.

Workplace Safety

    The Safe Workplace – As the blog for the Safe Workplace web site, this site addresses safety concerned news with a direction on how safety, or a deficiency of, affects employers, employees and their households. Topics such as safety education, safety instruments, and legal subjects are also handled.

    Circle Safety & Health Consultants – As a women owned and operated occupation safety and health consulting firm, Circle Safety & Health Consultants provides a full range of services from “Safety and health program evaluation and management” to “OSHA compliance assistance”. If you have a question about safety, this site is here to help.

Electrician’s Blogs

    Johnnygeo’s Geocaching Electrical Safety Blog – Working for a large power utility as a Health and Safety advisor, Johnny uses his blog to bring awareness to safety; he describes the aftermath of these accidents, shows how to avoid them, and gives details on geocaching.

    The ‘Internet Electrician’ Blog – As the self proclaimed ‘Internet Electrician’ Terry uses this blog to discuss many different topics from overloading circuits to his trips and his observations as he goes through life.

    Timothy’s Electrical Blog – Brought to you by Timothy Thiele, this blog covers many different topics from “learn electrical power line safety from a lineman” to “Is conduit the right choice for you”. If you have a question Timothy has the answer.

Building Greengreen

    Green Building & Environmental Trends – As a graduate of Stetson University College of Law, Richard Cartlidge brings you this blog about building green and the environment. He covers topics such as Communities, Cost, Environment, LEED Buildings, to Regulations. In this blog you will find post ranging from “Whiter the Green” to “Green building certification: what are you afraid of?” – The LIVE blog is the place for real-time event coverage, reviews, and our editors’ unvarnished opinion on the latest news from all over the green building world!

    GreenSource – In this new feature, GreenSource will select the most interesting musings from some of the world’s top green building and design blogs. You can read these posts–offering provocative opinions, compelling analysis, breaking news, and occasionally humorous assessments–without leaving their site.